Pre-Licensing, Post Licensing and Continuing Education

Trexler Real Estate has partnered with The CE Shop, the leader in online real estate education, to provide you with the highest quality Pre-Licensing, Post-Licensing and Continuing Education  courses. These are state-approved, self-paced courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have internet access.

Want to get your real estate license? - Virginia Pre-Licensing  Courses             
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Need to complete your PL courses? - Virginia Post-Licensing Courses            
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Need to complete your CE courses? - Virginia Continuing Education Courses   
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How to Get Your License
Interested  in becoming  a real estate agent? Trexler Real Estate  has partnered  with The CE Shop to provide new licensee candidates everything they need to complete the education requirements online and pass the real estate licensing exam. Our complete Pre-Licensing packages are online, self-paced, interactive courses that teach you everything you'll need to take the real estate licensing exam, using real­ life inquiry-based  scenarios.

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Learn  how to become a real estate agent in Virginia -  How to Get Your Real Estate License.    
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Complete Your Post-Licensing Education Online
Congratulations on becoming  a licensed  real estate agent! Now  you need to complete your 
post-licensing requirements,  but where to start? We've made it easy for your by  partnering with The CE Shop to provide new licensees everything  they need to complete your post-licensing courses  for your  first renewal. Find course and complete  packages  with special discounts at

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Online Continuing Education
We  know  fitting in your Continuing  Education  into your already busy schedule can be a 
challenge. That's why  we've partnered  with The CE Shop to give you access  to convenient, online CE courses  that fit into your schedule and provide relevant, engaging information  that will help you advance in your career.
Find courses and complete packages with special discounts  at .

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